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    Dry Cleaning

We use top of the range equipment and cleaning products to ensure your clothing is gently cleaned and returned to you sparkling and fresh. We offer a range of services so that your dry cleaning requirements are met and at a great price too!

We offer a variety of services when it comes to preparing for your big day and that care and attention does not expire after the wedding. Our great wedding dress dry cleaning service ensures your wedding dress is well looked after.

Stain Guard

Our stain guard services ensure your cleaned items are stain resistant to every day substances they may come in contact with. Starting from ONLY £2.50 per item we are so sure you won't get a better price, we offer our price Guarantee (call for details).

Dry Cleaning Services


curtain dry cleaning

Curtains often need some care and attention. Have your curtains become discoloured or stained? Perhaps greasy hand marks have started to leave their imprint on your usually pristine curtains. Our skilled cleaning services mean that we can restore your curtains to their former glory.

stain guard lock Stain Guard available!

Sofa Covers

sofa cover dry cleaning

Keeping your sofa upholstery clean can be troublesome. If you try to clean it yourself it often doesn't look quite right, or you may run the risk of ruining them all together. We are here to take the hassle out of such chores and offer you a great and reliable service. We can dry clean your settee covers and have them ready for you with minimal fuss. We take out the added strain so that you can enjoy their refreshing and restored look.

We can dry clean almost any fabric, for any queries and particular quotes on our cleaning services for your suite just give us a call on 02380 776094.

stain guard lock Stain Guard available!

Duvet Service

duvet dry cleaning

Does your current duvet look stained or haggard? You could buy a new one, but a great alternative would be to just have it cleaned at a fraction of the cost. Good duvets are hard to come by, so why waste money on replacing it when we can clean it and give it that refresh it needs.

Perhaps you're looking to take your winter duvet out of retirement soon. If it's accumulated a musty smell from being in storage we can help. A quick refresh with us and it will seem brand new, ready for those coming colder months.

stain guard lock Stain Guard available!

Bedding & Pillows

bedding pillow dry cleaning

Does your mattress look great but your protector doesn't? Not a problem, just bring it over to us and we will have it sparkling in no time. Pillows, blankets, pillow protectors, quilts, bed linen, we can clean it all. Finding the time and space to clean all your bedding can be a bit of a hassle, especially when trying to juggle all the other aspects of your life. We can have your bedding cleaned quickly and effectively, with our great cleaning services.


Horse Rugs

horse rug dry cleaning

Trying to wash a horse rug at home is a challenge! So why not bring it over to us and we can take care of it. When you've got more than enough clothes, bedding, sports kits etc to wash, you do not need to add something else to the mix. We can wash and dry it for you, so that this chore can be hassle free. With our great service your horse rug will be clean, fresh and more importantly stress-free for you.

All horse rugs can be re-proofed for a small additional charge, to ensure their durability in all weather conditions.

Ski Wear

ski wear dry cleaning

To keep your ski wear in top condition you need to keep it aptly stored and cleaned well. We can help you with the latter! if you have just returned from a ski-ing holiday, the last thing you probably want to do is add to your mount of washing. That is where we come in handy. We can clean your specialised clothing so that it is thoroughly cleansed and yet not remotely damaged. Your garments will be restored and reproofed, to ensure their resistance to low temperatures and other extreme weather conditions.

We can do all of this in such a timely fashion, you'll wonder why you ever went anywhere else for such cleaning services!

Sailing Gear

sailing gear dry cleaning

Sailing has been a great adventure and past time for centuries, and I'm sure if you are lucky enough to take some time out to sail you do not want to worry about the maintenance of your sailing garments. Whether it is for yourself or on behalf of a larger sailing team, we can offer you great rates and very importantly, great service.

Our cleaning service will eliminate salt deposits and other fabric corrosive residues which could have incurred during your trip. Outerwear will be throughly reproofed; your garments will be as good , if not better, than when you hand them over to us. They will withstand some of the most brutal weather conditions. To learn more about our cleaning services and offers, call us or come along in to store and we will work with you to find the best solution.

Sports Kits

sports kit dry cleaning

Do you play a sport? Or perhaps your partner or one of your family members play a sport? If so, then we can agree that keeping on top of sports kits as well as all the other washing, ironing, chores and errands, can be difficult at times. If this is the case drop it to us and we can sort it for you with our affordable cleaning services.

Maybe you aren't managing a few sports kits, perhaps you are in charge of a whole teams, or multiple teams? That is a stress you could relieve by passing it on to us. Our cleaning services are convenient and high quality; you will not have to worry about a thing. Our quick and affordable services will relieve you of that stress and strain.

For personalised rates and offers just give us a call; we are here to work with you.

Ugg Boot Cleaning

ugg boot dry cleaning

Ugg boots are a popular costly fashion item, our Ugg Boot cleaning services revitalise and refresh your Ugg boots.

Your Ugg Boots are examined by our expert team of specialists and depending on your particular Ugg Boots requirements, the treatments are selected. With this attention to detail, you can rest assured that your Ugg Boots will be returned to the highest possible standard acheivable.

At ONLY £19.99 for the Ugg Boot cleaning service OR £21.99 with our re-proofing service, WE WON'T BE BEATEN ON PRICE, ask about our price guarantee.

Further Services & Discounts

wedding dress bridal cleaning

Wedding Dress Dry Clean

Here at South Coast Cleaners we understand your wedding dress holds many special memories, which is why we take such great care when cleaning it after your big day. We will handle your dress with the care and attention that we would carry out with our own special garments.

Our methods ensure that the delicate fabric, intricate bead work and applique are kept intact. We will return your wedding dress to you unaltered, nothing but a fresh appearance to keep it looking in tip-top shape for years to come.

For our range of bridal wear services click here.

service uniform dry cleaning discount

Service Uniform Discount

Are you a serviceman or servicewoman? Well then keeping on top of cleaning your uniform amidst a busy schedule can be problematic. To show our appreciation of all your hard work, we offer our everyday heroes great discount on our unifrom dry cleaning service. We will take great care of you and your uniforms so that we deliver the service that you need. The constant care and devotion you carry out each day does not go unnoticed and so we say thank you. For more details on our services discount, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Our rates and turn over differs on the quantity that you require to be cleaned. For an up to date quote and expected collection and drop off dates/times then just give us a call, 02380 733109‎. We will be happy to help!

collection and delivery

Drop Off and Collection

Our collection and drop off service makes dry cleaning a doddle! Is finding the time to drop them off an issue? Or are you without suitable transportation? These factors can really be an issue which is why we try to offer the best dry cleaning service we can. We are happy to pick up from the location of your choice and drop the items back to you in a timely fashion. Not only are our dry cleaning services top quality, they are also convenient. We are here to help you, and our collection and drop off service is just one of the ways we try to do that.


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